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The Last Little Train of China
The story of little train has the mark left by time and space. During World War II, it travelled thousands of kilometers from the origin of Industrial Revolution--England to northwest mining area of China, and still works even nowadays.
People call it "the living fossil of Industrial Revolution", "the last scene of Industrial Revolution". This railway is the villagers' only connection to the rest of the world.
It brought them work opportunities and civilization.
In 2007, a British offered them a big sum to buy the little train. He wanted to bring it back to Britain. The money he offered is enough for villagers to build a more convenient road. However, they decided to keep the little train. To them, the little train is like their life, from young to old. It's hard for them to give it up. The railway is like a life map of the villagers.

《The Last Little Train of China》
Length of Film: 50'
Format: HD
Language: Chinese, English
Shooting Location: China
Date of Delivery: Nov.2012-Sep.2013
Producer & Publisher:
Beijing International Documentary Center
HD Documentary Channel of Beijing TV Station
Beijing Continental Bridge Corporation


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