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GPS A Global War
Global positioning systems, or GPS, have transformed our way of life. We rely on them for everything from navigation to measuring changes in sea levels and tracking money. But GPS is dependent on US satellites. If America were ever to ‘switch off’ the signal, it could bring down the entire economy of continents and render all our complicated weapons useless. Now, the race is on to develop rival GPS systems that do not rely on US technology.
The Europeans have Galileo. The Chinese, Beidou Compass. The Russians call theirs Glonass while the Indians have named theirs Gagan. Brazil is also in the early stages of developing a new geo-localisation system. They must act quickly, build satellites and launchers and send their own satellites into orbit before their rivals. But how will these systems co-exist? And is America prepared to give up its monopoly?
Length of Film:52’*1
Format :HD
Language: Chinese 、English、French、German
Shooting Location:China、USA. 、Germany、France、Netherlands
Date of Delivery: Oct.2012----Jul.2013
Producer & Publisher:
Via Decouvertes Production  France
HD Documentary Channel of Beijing TV Station
Beijing International Documentary Center

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