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Media Registration of the 5th BJIFF is officially launched
The 5th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) is to be held in Beijing on April 16-23, 2015. BJIFF Organizing Committee tentatively decides to officially accept media registration from February 2nd. BJIFF Organizing Committee sincerely invites domestic and foreign journalists to take part in interviewing and reporting. 
The 4th BJIFF attracted more than 1000 domestic and foreign film institutions, as well as about 3000 domestic and foreign guests to take part in various activities. More than 1 million persons directly participated in the film festival. Tiantan Award had attracted 837 films from 88 countries and regions to apply for this award. There are 682 international films and 155 domestic films. The Beijing Film Panorama screened over 600 times of films by setting up 15 screening units with 1,520 submitted films from 79 countries and regions.17 famous directors, film producers, operating officers of the companies and expert professors from Russia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, mainland China and Taiwan have been invited as the guest speakers to share their experiences in the three main forums.

The Film Market of the 4th BJIFF attracts 724film companies and institutions as well as 248 exhibitors from 24 countries regions with a total contract value of RMB10, 521million Yuan. The 4th Beijing International Film Festival got wide attention from domestic and foreign media. 239 domestic media and 1039 journalists, as well as 66 foreign media and 205 journalists reported the 4th BJIFF. 
In order to meet the needs of media, the 5th Beijing International Film Festival Press Center is going to be launched on April 14-24, 2015 (the specific time shall prevail by BJIFF Organizing Committee’s e-mail). During that time, Press Center will provide registration, certification, interview appointment, media meet-and-greet and news release service for journalists. Welcome journalists’ participation.。 
The Organizing Committee will officially accept media registration from February 2nd. The time of registration online is from 9:00a.m.of Feb. 2nd to 18:00p.m. of April 1st, 2015.Please fill out information to register online. More details can be checked on BJIFF’s official website (www.bjiff.com). 
Contact Information of Press Center, Organizing Committee, the 5th BJIFF 
Person to Contact: Xing Jieli 
Phone Number:010-64081281 13581680766 

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